Grüße aus Wien!
My first post in my new blog...
I left New Mexico 4 days ago as a pack mule, mostly CDs, a couple pairs of socks and my newly modified electric piano (and modified case).  Kevin Zoernig in Las Vegas, New Mexico chopped the top off the keyboard, moved all the circuitry to the lower part of the keyboard and my suegra modified the case! The adventure started there. Not sure exactly if I would be able to carry the keyboard on the plane with me, knowing I couldn't afford to check it on, and here I am, 4 flights later with this almost perfect instrument (for me) in Europe.  First time traveling with m own instrument and customized to my specifications nonetheless.
Before heading off to Paris and Warsaw I stopped in NY to play a concert with the great drummer Lukas Ligeti on the 'best' piano in NYC to celebrate our duo album 'Imaginary Images' on Leo Records, continue the work on an album with my friend Eric Hubel (Glenn Branca), sushi with Martha Colburn, tea with Martina Fiserova and Laura Ortman, and a chance encounter with Bob Ostertag on the subway.  Was good to see some friendly faces at our concert including Kevin Reilly from Relative Pitch Records who videoed our show. 
Thanks to Marton Palatinszky from Budapest for hosting me here. He's a bass clarinetist that I'll be playing with tonight.
Also with us will be Sylvia Bruckner - E-Pianist from Vienna, Emil Gross -  Drummer from Vienna, Sisa Suchankova - Flutist from Bratislava, Erich Schachtner  - Guitarist from Berlin, Dimitris Havellas - Guitarist from Athens and Lucy Müllauer - Dancer from Vienna. This is part of the 4 States sessions that Udo Preis arranges each month here in Vienna bringing together musicians from at least 4 different countries each time. He's also organized a solo piano concert for me tomorrow night in
Heiligenkreuz, AT.
Then onwards by train to Italy for workshops, concerts (acoustic and electric), EnterSonicActions, recording with Tsigoti and a performance with the dancer Rebecca D'Andrea. And onwards from there...


04/08/2015 13:44

My best wishes! I hope this travel will be very much good and interesting

04/12/2015 08:29

This is already my new favorite way (next to in person visits) to hear about news as you know & feel it!! The traveling backpacks photo is the perfect visual for this post too.Glad you'll be writing (as time allows).


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